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Hello! Come on in and learn about us. Paws to Luv Puppies is located in central sunny Florida. We are a family of dog breeders. We have been breeding for over 30 years. We love our dogs and they are family members. Our dogs are all micro chipped for their safety. All live in our homes. Some sleep in our beds, others next to our beds.  They all have doggie doors to come and go as they wish from morning till dusk. We spoil them as it should be. They wear clothes. We even cook for them sometimes. They are feed a high quality dry food, supplements, homemade cookies and treats. We do everything we can do to make them healthy and happy and in return they give us unconditional love. A house is not a home without a few fur babies.

    We  strive to raise the healthiest, happiest puppies we can.  All puppies are raised in our home. They are in large exercise pens and some are under foot in our rooms. We have a vet who works closely with us. Our mommies get prenatal vitamins and extra care to ensure healthy puppies. The only time we use cages is when the mommy whelps (has her pups). They are in very large (great Dane size) cages to insure their safety. They are played with everyday from day one. At 4 weeks they are moved to exercise pens on the floor. They are started on piddle pads for potty training from 3 weeks on. Our puppies are weaned on baked chicken, cooked rice and dry kibble all mixed together till softened. They are weaned on this till they are eating dry kibble well. They are all wormed every 2 weeks till they go home or are 16 weeks old. They start their vaccines at 4 weeks of age and are kept up to date till they go home with you or complete the series. We do not micro chip the puppies. We prefer to let the new owners make that choice.

These puppies are our babies even after they leave us. We care about them for all their lives. We do not sell to puppy mills. Nor do we sell puppies who will not be allowed to live in your home. Our puppies are for indoor homes only. We do expect them to be spoiled, loved and well cared for. If you can’t keep one of our puppies we want you to contact us first. We don’t want any of our puppies to end up in a rescue.

To buy one of our babies see our contact page.

We Feed and recommend Eukanuba.

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